MX3 Air Mouse & keyboard


Transmission : 2.4G RF Wireless
Sensor : 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor
Number of Keys : 81 Keys
Range : 10 meters
Battery Type : AAA*2 Or Lithium Battery
Material : Plastic & Silicone
Size : 172*52*19 mm
Weight : 100 g

MX3 Air Mouse

MX3 voice Air Mouse T3 Google IR Smart voice Remote Control 2.4G RF Wireless Keyboard

2.4G Air Mouse is a multi axis device which integrates the main functions of a mouse .

A remote control and a keyboard .

It supports Android Tv Box , Projector , Android Smart Tv , IPTV , Networked Set Top Box , Mini PC , etc

It’s easy to use , just plug and paly .

MX3 Air Mouse
MX3 Air Mouse

Important notice

This remote is a universal remote controller

It’s normal that a few keys might not be applicable to your device because of different codes by different manufacturers .

There are 4 versions for this remote , Standard , Standard with Mic , Backlight , Backlight with Mic .

IR learning instructions

the remote has 5 IR learning keys that can be programmed to learn some basic functions of Tv remote , which are the power and 4 color buttons at the bottom of air mouse

Below steps are example of learning power on / off functions from tv remote to air mouse remote .

the red tv button is just a function button to switch between 2.4G and IR learning functions .

It’s used to enter or exit IR learning mode .

It can not be programmed to learn from Tv Remote .